Call for sessions 2020


OsloMet Urban Research Conference 28. and 29. October 2020

2020 has taught us how rapid and drastic urban change can be.The covid-19 pandemic closed down many of our cities as we know them – but we also saw new forms of city life emerge. We experienced how flexible our cities could be.

This year’s OsloMet Urban Research Conference seeks to explore and understand the flexibility of the city. What opportunities for change do we see in the city – and how do these manifest? And what happens to us when what previously seemed unimaginable suddenly becomes defining for the cityscape?

OsloMet Urban Research Conference 2020 will be held on October 28 and 29, and we are now inviting research communities to submit session proposals. Sessions can address these, or similar, themes:

  • The city in crisis
  • Rapid and deep transformation in the city
  • Life in the “empty city”?
  • Temporality in urban spaces
  • Preparedness, risk and vulnerability
  • Gender perspectives on urban crises
  • Social media and digital meeting places
  • Alternative housing solutions

Submit session proposals to by May 29, 2020.

The proposals should be 300-1000 words and contain a title, a brief description and responsible(s) for the session. For accepted sessions, a “call for abstracts” will be sent out. Session leaders have the primary responsibility for organizing their session.


The main conference language are the Scandinavian languages, but sessions partly or wholly in English are also welcomed.


We are closely following the covid-19 situation and adjusting the conference accordingly. This year’s conference is likely to have fewer physical participants but facilitate for online participation.


To ensure sessions that create fruitful arenas for discussion, shorter presentations and more time dedicated to group discussions are encouraged. Alternative session themes and formats are especially encouraged.