Equitable urban futures (EN)
The Urban Research Conference 2024

AI-generert bilde av folk som går gjennom en park mot en by i bakgrunnen i solnedgang

October 24-25th

«Equitable urban futures» directs attention to a host of different attractions for urban residents, as well as how they are distributed within and between individuals, groups, and communities:

  • How are amenities allocated across the urban landscape?
  • To what extent are public transport, greenspace, restaurants, health services, sports activities, and clean air and water accessible?
  • Who are exposed to noise, pollution, congestion, harassment, and criminality?

Cities are homes to the richest and the poorest.

Urban dynamics convert societal transformations in unjust and uneven ways if we do not govern adequately.

We know that unequal purchasing power, rising house prices and living costs cause socioeconomic segregation through the housing market.

We know that cites offer jobs with poor contracts and failing union support.

We know that concentration of equity goes hand-in-hand with concentration of poverty, social outsiderness, and neighbourhood depression.

Social exclusion, inequality and segregation are prevalent in cites, and produce communities that are world-apart. Urban renewals enrich urban life and livability in cites, but how can we ensure that urban upgrading is accessible for all and without displacing existing residents?

How to create a just transition towards sustainable, nature friendly and decarbonized futures with active engagement of citizens?

The conference will explore and debate urban dynamics, policy, involvement, and governance for more equitable urban futures.

Call for panels!

We invite panel proposals within, but not restricted to, the following topics:

  • Housing equity and urban inequality
  • Land use planning for urban justness
  • Urban green justice
  • Communication and transportation – equitable smart cities
  • Public health and the city including the post-covid-19 city
  • Governance, participation, and transformative urban actions
  • Urban circular economies
  • Oslo Metropolitan Area outlook – state and trends

Please submit your panel proposal by April 15th to:


Be sure to put “Panel proposal for the Urban Research Conference” in the subject-line.