Urban transformation in the wake of crises:
Do we need a new research agenda?

picture Hege Hoftstad smiling
Hege Hofstad. Foto: Benjamin A. Ward / HiOA
Time: 09:00 - 10:00, Wednesday October 27
Room: PH170, P35 OsloMet

Hege Hofstad is a Research professor (Forsker 1) in political science at NIBR, OsloMet. Her research is centred on sustainability and climate change as challenges confronting urban leadership and governance.

She is especially interested in contributing to our understanding of how public leaders may set their city on a pathway towards sustainability and climate transformation through hybrid governance that combines traditional bureaucracy, strategic goal management and collaboration and co-creation in new ways.

This research interest forms the basis for her keynote where she will reflect and share ideas on the need for a new research agenda in wake of urban crises.