Revisiting the neighbourhood in times of crises


The Covid 19-pandemic has accentuated the importance of neighbourhoods, as well as significant inequalities when it comes to access to neighbourhood qualities. There is a surging global interest in the development of local environments, such as the Parisian 15-minute City and the One-Minute City projects research in Stockholm, to name a few. Taking as its starting point Oslo Architecture Triennale’s ongoing research on neighbourhoods, the panel brings together urban experts to add insight, ideas and proposals for action that can help build better neighbourhoods for everyone.

The panel

  • Maria Molden, Byarkitekt i Bergen
  • Hanna E. Marcussen, Byråd for byutvikling
  • Tanja Lie, leder av Rådet for byarkitektur i Oslo
  • Jakob Krupka, Utviklingsdirektør, Møller Eiendom
  • Moderator: Christian Pagh, Director & Chief Curator Oslo Architecture Triennale

The panel is hosted by Oslo Architecture Triennale and the session is part of an ongoing research process the Triennale is doing towards is upcoming edition in the Autumn 2022, with the working title Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming communities.