Tracks 2022

We have four parallel tracks:

  1. Governance & planning 
  • How can we move beyond treating conflict and cohesion as binaries in urban governance and planning? 
  • How can new modes of governance and planning practices, such as citizen assemblies, urban labs and innovation platforms, productively engage with conflict?
  • What are the potentials and challenges for these new encounters, emerging at the interphase between social agents and the city government, to navigate the relation between conflict and cohesion? 
  1. Architecture & urban design 
  • What is the role of architecture and urban design in an urban environment marked by tensions and conflict? 
  • How does conflict affect the way people produce, understand and inhabit urban spaces and places? 
  • In what ways may the design of urban space, on the one hand, become an instrument of power and oppression, and, on the other hand, how can spatial practices challenge dominant forces of control and power? 
  1. Grassroots & activism 
  • What roles do grassroot initiatives and activism play in creating new arenas for productively engaging with conflict? 
  • What are the challenges faced by bottom-up initiatives in navigating the space between conflict and cohesion? 
  • What new ways of organizing in times of conflict are provided by grassroots and activists? 
  1. Art & creative practice 
  • How can artistic and creative practice enable new ways to actively understand and engage with conflictual processes and situations? 
  • How can artistic and creative practice intervene in urban development processes in order to create space for both conflict and cohesion? 
  • What new forms of deliberation, communication and understanding can be fostered through artistic and creative processes?  

Each track is split into three sessions. The two first sessions are ordinary paper sessions. The first session focuses on «state of the arts» and the second focuses on «new ideas and initiatives». The third session is a table-talk which takes on a workshop format in which groups of participants will discuss «ways forward».