Ways forward

At Storbykonferansen 2022 we split our four tracks into three sessions, where the first two were ordinary paper presentations, and the third was organized as table-talks, where groups of participants discussed «ways forward»:

Conflict and cohesion in urban research – what now?

Contributors and audiences sat together and work-shopped ideas for «a way forward». Based on discussions in the two previous sessions, they identified key points (i.e. future tasks, solutions, challenges and/or opportunities) for creating new arenas to productively engage with conflict in cities. These points are presented below.

Track 1: Governance and planning: Main questions for the future

  • Is conflict productive or counterproductive in political processes of climate/sustainability transformation?
  • Do representative democracy need to be complimented, deepened and broadned?
  • What other forms of democracy can handle climate/sustainability – conflict and cohesion?
  • How to include social sustainability in climate change policies?

Track 2: Architecture and urban design: Main approach forward

  • Caring about…
  • Caring for…
  • Caring with…

Track 3: Grassroots and activism: Main challanges

  • Challenges of trust between grassroots movements and government structures/politicians etc.

a) Shrinking of democratic space of understanding of complexity issues and positionality of other groups

b) Authorities’ perspectives on grassroots movements shapes interaction and understanding of positionality

  • Challenges of grassroots movements’ use of social media

a) Fake news untrustworthy sources

b) Vulnerability for misuse

c) Solution? Checks and balances to social media

  • Empowering grassroots activism

a) Unifying grassroots actors

b) Tolerance for more diverse positions to strengthen grassroots movements

Track 4: Art and creative practice: Way forward*

  • POTENTIAL: Creating space for questioning, reflecting and exploring
  • CHALLENGE: Bound by a relationship to time dominated by efficiency and the demand for solutions to pre-defined problems
  • WAY FORWARD: Re-define (and problematize) impact

* Artistic practice cannot solve the world’s problems in and of itself, but it can broaden our perspectives and thereby also broaden our scope of action