Storbykonferansen 2022

konfliktfull front mellom politiet og punkere i en bygate
Photo by Jonathan Harrison on Unsplash

The 2022 Urban Research Conference

Conflict and Cohesion

October 27 – 28th

Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

2022 was the year that cities would recover from the woes of the pandemic and tackle rising social and economic inequality.
Then Putin invaded Ukraine. 

Heightened tensions and conflicts threaten cities as arenas for change and continuity at a time when collective actions and policies for a more socially just and sustainable urban future are sorely needed.

How can global and local initiatives sustain and build strong, socially coherent communities? 

OsloMet photojournalism-students documented the 2022 Urban Research Conference – please have a look at our Flickr-account to find more photos

Thank you for participating

At Storbykonferansen 2022 we split our four tracks into three sessions, where the first two were ordinary paper presentations, and the third was organized as table-talks, where groups of participants discussed «ways forward»:

Conflict and cohesion in urban research – what now?

Tar unge storybydamer makta?

Klimabrøl, BLM-demonstrasjoner og hijabbrenning i Iran. Ungdommens politiske engasjement øker, og forskningssjef på NIBR ved OsloMet, Kristian Rose Tronstad, mener det ligger an til en skikkelig generasjonskonflikt. Det er unge, utdannede, urbane damer som føler seg mektigst.

«The complexity of the relationship between Conflict and Cohesion suggests that it is no longer appropriate to fashion either conflict or cohesion as one being more desirable than the other.» 

We therefore asked:  

  • How are issues of conflicts and cohesion unfolding in cities? 
  • How can cities navigate an urban landscape marked by the dichotomous relationship between conflict and cohesion?  
  • How can urban practitioners and scholars facilitate new arenas to productively engage with conflicts relating to socio-spatial inequality, climate change, violent friction and beyond? 

Questions & Answers

Is it possible to attend digitally?

The 2022 edition of Storbykonferansen will require a physical presence – we are not accepting digital presentations, nor are we streaming this event in any way. We look forward to seeing you in Oslo!

Will the conference be held in english or norwegian?

Plenary sessions will be held in English.

However, if everybody attending a track wish for this track to be held in Norwegian, the track leader is free to do so.

I am presenting a paper – do i still have to register and pay the fee?

Yes. All participants must register, and to do so successfully, you have to pay the fee. Please register here:

How do I get there?

For more practical information on how to get here, how to get around and where to stay, please see the Praktisk informasjon-page.